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One of the most sophisticated thematic dealers in Europe!
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62th Online-Auction
1st december 2018

Do you know my main offer ?

My company is one of the leading and most sophisticated auctions for thematic and topical philately in Europe. And my be the oldest thematic auction in Europe (established 1973 in Berlin).

Beside worldwide thematic philately and topics we offer worldwide postal history , general historical documents and (paper)-collectibles about a l l t o p i c s and technical history. My auctions take place in spring and/or autumn each year.

My program comprise well-informed and experienced auction-catalogues, price-lists and individual offers (photo-copy-service) to y o u r special choice.

My auction catalogues are richly illustrated (over 95% items are shown within the text-pages or on photo-plates)

The thematic index list o v e r 300 topics from A(-bomb) to Z(oology) described under topic main or sub-sections. Mostly covers, cards, postal stationary, telegrams, and other postal documents including r e d and b l a c k m e t e r s ,commemorative postmarks, cancellations of various types, slogan meters, postcards, some-times books, advertising cards, leaflets, cinderellas and many other collectibles. My material of wide variety con-tains only "first class" quality and superb condition. My sales are rich in covers and postmarks from Germany and other European countries - especially Austria, Switzerland, France, Scandinavian countries, Belgium (for example "Publibel"-advertisment cards) Netherlands and east European countries.

My strength is a well researched and highly detailed description of a l l auction lots. I'm one of the most sophisticated t h e m a t i c dealer in Germany and Europe with a stock of over 2.000.000 covers and collectibels.

My catalogue contains a foreword, all abbreviations and headlines, titles, conditions of sale etc. in E n g l i s h and F r e n c h.

The actual catalogue is available against a catalogue f e e (by air mail as soon as it is edited):

Europe: & Overseas: 15.- € (or 20 US $ ) or 15 international reply coupons. Please n o stamps or cheques, because of high bank fees!

Medium and advanced collectors - and off course exhibitors - should find very sophisticated material. The price level starts at EUR 10.-. Please don’t forget to mention y o u r topics or range(s) of collection(s).

I am member of a large number of philatelic or professional organizations.

Over 40 Years Thematic & Postal History Auctions - Established 1973

Preview on my next auction in June 2019
63rd Auction Thematic Philately 'A - Z' & Postal History, June, 2019

We offer over 6000 lots, mainly covers, FDC's, postcards, postal stationary, stamps on covers (no mint stamps) postmarks and documents.

The catalogue contains about 350 main sections and sub-sections including topics and themes from "A" (Alps) to "Z" (Zoology). My main topics are following here.

Early history with these following sub-sections:Pre-history, antique world, Egypt, Romans, Greek-Roman mythology, Teutons (Germans), Vikings etc. Christian topics and Christian religion including passion plays, sacral buildings, Christmas, saints, abbeys, knights, Martin Luther etc. German and European history from the middle ages to the German reunification (1989/90) including Prussia, Napoleon I., Revolution 1848, worker's movement, 1st and 2nd World War including a large sections 3rd Reich (1933-45) and after war history. (Field-post see postal history section!) The allied forces in Germany past 1945, the two German states, the 'Cold War', the re-unification etc. European history including famous Europeans, E.R.P. (Marshall Plan), united Europe, European topics and a special section Jewish history (Judaism, Zionism) etc.

Large section 'Post & Postal History' A - Z. : In this section I offer about 50 sub-sections including postal mechanization, red meters, frankings (Germania, Inflation etc.), postal stationary, postal topics, private mail services, telegraphy, illustrated telegrams, postal services, pneumatic mail, postal war (1948-1989), postage due, registered letters, field-post and censored mail (1st and 2nd world war and later), special delivery, zip codes, etc.

A special section 'Red Cross' including tracing services (WASt), P.O.W.-mail of 1st and 2nd world war and later, military medical services and infirmary etc.

Large section technical topics and 'Traffic & Transport'-sections: History of automobile including mobile post offices etc. History of railways and rail post offices including tramway post office Hamburg etc.

Air Mail and Aviation section: Air pioneers, first flights, regular air mail, air forces and air field-post of 1st and 2nd world war, air fields and air ports, catapult mail, Zeppelin, balloons, helicopter, glider mail, parachuting etc. Commercial and military navigation including sea post offices, paquebot, shipyards, ports, sailing ships, naval sea post (from 1900 'Boxer Uprising' to today) submarines, foreign navies etc.Space pioneers and rocket mail, space-flights, astronauts and kosmonauts

My 63rd catalogue is online in the first week of June 2019 under:

A printed version of my 63rd catalogue is available against a fee of 15.- € (or 20.- US $, please cash, no cheques!) Over 95% of all offered lots and items are visible! Please mention your topics and ranges of interest.

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